Business development stategy program

"Customers are good for business!"

In the current business environment, characterized by a high rate of change, aggressive competition, and geographically dispersed sales personnel, you need an effective process for developing, documenting, and communicating effective sales strategies and plans.

Program Objectives:

Organize and prioritize your coverage activities by targeting the best prospects, identifying opportunities, and developing strategies for increasing sales.

Program Outline:

Market Analysis - careful, analytical selection of high potential accounts and opportunities

Client Analysis - research the customer, their business, customers, suppliers, competitors, and their needs

Opportunity Analysis - assess your position for the overall account and the individual opportunity

Sales Strategy Development - develop a written work plan, including sales objectives, milestones, and plans

Sales Strategy Execution - communicate the strategy and plan to those who can help in the customer development process

Executive relationship program

"Perception is reality."

Account management program

"Failing to plan means planning to fail."

Client consulting program

"Attend to the process and be yourself."

Customer service program

"Organizations exist to get and keep customers!"