I. Who is PowerBD
PowerBD, LLC is a learning & development resource that helps you succeed by providing impactful speaking, training and consulting services targeted to your specific needs. Programs are delivered live, broadcasted, blended and on-demand.
II. What does PowerBD do?
We help your people capitalize on the fact that, despite economic uncertainty, changing technology, demanding customers, and tough competition, their spirit and potential can make breakthroughs possible. We introduce actionable methods and high-performance skills that enable people to deliver better, faster and lower-cost results. We prepare and deliver relevant, memorable, meaningful speeches and seminars that engage, entertain, and get record-setting results. Most requested topics include leadership, team-building, sales, service, productivity, and interpersonal skills. We also present live or on-demand program broadcasts in streaming video.
III. How does PowerBD perform work?

We use the A.D.D.I.E. process to provide the right level of detail in preparing, delivering and following up with you to ensure success.

A. Assess: To ensure that we understand you and your needs, we complete the following: - Preparation Questionnaire to clarify objectives, agenda, audience, key contacts and logistics - Phone interview with appropriate people such as meeting planner, company leader, and top performer - Survey prospective audience members for perspective, current situation, and perceived needs - Accompany a best practice associate to get acquainted with their routine, methods, and realities - Research related to the topic, organization, audience, industry, competitor, and your meeting theme - Exchange details including: seating diagram, AV requirements, speaker itinerary and introduction

B. Design & Develop: Following the assessment, we create the appropriate materials to achieve the program objectives, which may include pre-work, program content, participant activities, workbook, and learning support materials. Master materials may be sent to you for reproduction as appropriate.

C. Implement: Arriving the day before our scheduled participation reduces travel risk and allows us to continue learning. To ensure that our session delivers as advertised and gets results, the actual presentation incorporates three points: Objectives, Agenda, and Outcome.

1. Objectives - A customized, single-page "Ideas for Action" worksheet is provided for each participant that includes the three points (Objectives, Agenda, and Outcome). While we have already discussed the session outcome, we ask each participant to identify their objective for the session by completing the sentence "I could be more effective at (the session topic) if I..." Participants are instructed to write their objective on the worksheet, and briefly discuss it with another participant. Then sample responses are sought from selected individuals to engage and focus the group.

2. Agenda - Next, the session Agenda or presentation outline is reviewed, providing a framework for the participants.

3. Outcome - During the session, participants will be asked to identify the most relevant and actionable ideas that have occurred to them and to write them on their worksheet. Typically, each person ends up listing three or four ideas. At the end of the session, each participant keeps the top white copy, the middle yellow copy is gathered for analysis, and the participant places the bottom pink copy in a self-addressed envelope, which is collected at the program conclusion. Participants are told that the pink copy will be mailed to them within 30 days as a reminder to implement their "Ideas for Action". At the conclusion, participants are invited to call or e-mail us with any questions or issues for discussion.

D. Evaluate: Following the event, the yellow sheets are recapped to identify individual objectives, analyze Ideas for Action, and learn from written comments about the session. In a follow-up discussion, we recap the lessons learned and outline possible ways for you to leverage the experience.

IV. What is PowerBD's style of presentation?
We deliver relevant, practical, proven ideas for thriving and excelling in uncertain times with a fast-paced, humorous style and well-researched content. Participant engagement is crucial to the successful understanding and implementation of ideas and measurably improved results.